Accreditation and Partnership

The University Paris-Dauphine is accredited

Program in partnership with the Group Cegos



Centred on the training management of the course, the program aims at developing three main skills which correspond to three professional axes in the activities of conception and implementing training policies, within private or public organizations :


  • Defining a training policy which develops the strategic aims of the organization
  • Spreading this policy through adapted and highyield training systems
  • Steering the training function


In response to a considerable expansion of the main fields of work for this course, with regard to management of complexity and instability, five principles can be highlighted :


  • Understanding contexts through the angle of the capacity to anticipate and integrate the course relaying the organizational performance.
  • The conception of dispositions combining consulting and accompanying as well as the training approach on the one hand and the individual or collective dimension on the other hand.
  • The constitution of partnerships and the mobilization of the training course actors, internal and external to organizations.
  • The strengthening of upstream and downstream analytical and assessment functions.
  • The managerial steering of the training procedure, specifically in the financial dimension.

These are the main principles which characterize the specificities and originality of the proposed program, in response to the development of the training function.

Contacts University Paris-Dauphine

Course Director
Anne de Blignières-Légeraud

Course Assistant
Laurence Lelievre
Tel. : 01 72 60 51 94


Information session

September 26th, 2018, at 18:00pm
in room B512


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March 11, 2019 to April 29, 2020