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Grégoire AUSSAVY

In charge of the Training Course

Having worked in the training sector for local elected representatives for several years, I wanted to confront my work practices and issues of training manager to those of professional issues from other sectors. Furthermore, as a training centre, we work constantly with a large number of actors, and it was particularly important for me to broaden my view of training to master the whole of the production chain. This diploma enabled me to go even further in developing a global view of the training environment, work tools and very operational steering tools as well as strategic reflexion of my activity - 



Marie Odile COUCHE

Training Course and Study Manager
Diagnostica Stago

The professional course was a new career for me, I wanted to develop my area of expertise, learn fundamentals and confront my practices with those of other companies.
I was lucky enough to join the second cohort of the Executive Master of Training Course Management.I learnt so much from the teachers at Dauphine and the professionals from Cegos.

I have now acquired a much more strategic vision of the training course function. I have more self-confidence and I feel more adequate during my interviews and my proposals for solutions. Finally this year has also been an exciting human experience with all the pedagogical team and my cohort colleagues.





In charge of Training

After five years in charge of training within my company, I came across the program of this Executive Master Management of Training and immediately decided to embark on this graduate training program, for two main reasons: to confront my experience to those of professionals from various backgrounds (private and public companies, training organisms), and to benefit from quality education and a variety of profiles (university, training expert, manager of training in companies…).
This dense and particular year met my expectations as far as the impact on my career concerns. In fact, for a year, thanks to this opportunity, I was able to reflect on what management of training in a company is and today, I am comforted in my view of professional positioning and especially ready to put forward more proposals than before for all the actors of my company.
This is the true strength of this Executive Master which enables us, as training representatives of our companies, to take steps to make our voices heard, at a time when training is undergoing great changes: regulation, learning methods …
I think that, like my colleagues of the 3rd cohort, I left transformed by this training course which is, I am certain, the only course so complete and so close to our professional issues, on the market. As such, I would like to thank all the educational team who fully invested themselves in accompanying us and thus making this training year a tremendous opportunity to develop professionally.



Sylvie DIOP

In charge of the Course Management

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity of developing skills in the training field within my company, without having been formally trained in this field.

After several years’ experience, it became important to me to validate my acquisitions and also to gain a more strategic vision of this function. The Executive Master in Training Management is totally in line with my needs. The alternation between university stakeholders and CEGOS consultants is a real asset and allows for a genuine intellectual opening while remaining operational.



Portrait de Thierry Maury

Thierry MAURY


After having landed my plane from Dakar, on entering Dauphine for the selection interview, I was far from imagining how much this year was going to transform me.

I thought I was a course professional.
In the very first session, the class contents had me questioning myself.
Strategy, GPEC, Pedagogy, Engineering Legislation and many other topics are developed.
The experience is rewarding, the methods adapted to our profiles.
After each session, reflexion, simulations and exchanges with my colleagues forms us yet further for the career of training management.
I would like to express my thanks to all the stakeholders and the direction of this Executive Master in Training M for all you taught me and for this professionalization.




Director of care and the Training Institution

During the course, I particularly appreciated the professionalism of the stakeholders in a variety of areas such as corporate strategy, sociology of organizations, the GPEC approach in the service of human and professional development…
Our promotion, characterized by great human and professional diversity, notably enables the confrontation of work experience, exchange of managerial projects applied to training and thus consolidate our knowledge and our professional practices.
Likewise, the skills and availability of the course team are a major asset of this academic course for they enabled me to acquire professional stance conducive to training management within the AHNAC company.
For all these reasons, I would recommend this course to all professionals wishing to evolve in training management.



Portrait de Christiant VALETTE

Christian VALETTE

In charge of the Course Development
Philip Morris France S.A.S

After working in a predominantly commercial and managerial activity within my company, I became responsible for the Training and Development service.

While being well aware of the development of resources, I consider myself as an autodidact in the training area. It was thus essential for me to validate my knowledge acquire good practice and especially grasp the new challenges of training. Today I can assure you that the Executive Master in Training Management met my needs beyond my expectations! Thanks to the academic quality, the professionalism of the course team and also to the numerous exchanges of « best practices » between colleagues, I am well prepared to become a true expert in training management within my organization. This Executive Master also has a precious quality: that of attracting our curiosity, enlarging our open-mindedness and finally making us ask the right questions to improve our performance. Of course I encourage training lovers (novices or experienced) to follow this Executive Master which I consider as a real accelerator of true competence in the field.

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